Ranch raised to consumer table. No hormones, steroids, or antibiotics present. Grass fed, grain finished. Our cattle graze freely in open pasture with fresh grass, hay, and water at all times. They are never penned and force fed. Free choice feed is given while they grow. Our hay is also personally grown and cultivated. We are a second generation ranching family raising longhorns since 1998. We are striving to produce a healthier, lean beef option for those searching for better nutrition without sacrificing red meat.

BENEFITS OF LEAN LONGHORN BEEF Registered longhorn beef provides you with a red meat option with less cholesterol, fat, and calories than any other meat source without sacrificing protein quality. We maintain a 100% purebred, registered longhorn herd to insure the quality of lean meat is not compromised with crossbreeding.  


Purchasing by the hanging weight portions

- 1/4, 1/2, or whole beef. Pricing is estimated by a whole beef hanging weight of 500 lbs. This varies.

¼ beef - $4.50/lb

125 lbs x $4.50 = $562.50

½ beef - $4.25/lb

250 lbs x $4.25 = $1,062.50

savings $62.50

whole beef - $4.00/lb

500 x $4.00 = $2,000

savings $125.00

For purchasing by the hanging weight portion, you will be provided with a meat cut sheet to fill out and return to us. This insures you with personal choice of all the cuts of meat and steak thicknesses you prefer. All of our beef is 21 day dry aged and is packaged vacuum sealed. Less or more hanging time available upon request. A $100 deposit is required payable to Gabi Herring when purchasing beef in bulk to reserve your portion, subtracted from your end bill. Get together a couple of families and share a whole beef for awesome savings!

Purchasing by individual cuts

-Individual cuts will be on inventory while supplies last at the ranch. Buy as little or as much as you want! 21 day dry aged and in vacuum sealed packaging. We also will be at the Graham Farmer's Market every other Saturday. Dates will be annouced on our Facebook page. Please follow us.

Lean ground beef  1lb pkg $6.00/lb $5.00/lb for 20 lbs+ SOLD OUT

Hamburger patties

4 patties (⅓ lb) per package


$7.50/package for 10 packages or more SOLD OUT

Chuck roast

Whole roast (2-4 lbs)

$5.00/lb SOLD OUT

Arm roast

Whole roast (2-4 lbs)

$5.00/lb SOLD OUT

Rump roast

Half roast (2-3 lbs)

$5.50/lb SOLD OUT

Heel of Round roast

Half roast (2-3 lbs)

$5.50/lb SOLD OUT

Skirt steak (fajita meat)

$6.50/lb SOLD OUT

Flank steak

$8.50/lb SOLD OUT

Round steak (Chicken Fried Steak) $6.50/lb SOLD OUT

Pre-tenderized round steak cutlets (Chicken Fried Steak) $7.50/lb SOLD OUT



Approx. 4-6 lbs

$7.00/lb SOLD OUT

Flat Iron steak

$8.00/lb SOLD OUT


(10-16 ozs)  

$9.50/lb SOLD OUT

Boneless Ribeye

(8-10 ozs)

$9.50/lb SOLD OUT

New York Strip

(8-14 ozs)

$10.00/lb SOLD OUT

Boneless Sirloin

(10-20 ozs)

$8.50/lb SOLD OUT

Bone-In Sirloin

(10-20 ozs)

$7.50/lb SOLD OUT


(6-12 ozs)

$25/lb 4 available

Short Ribs

(8-12 ozs)


Organ meat cuts are available at special request before butcher times.

RED Meat Co.

Graford, TX

Gabi Herring - manager